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October 13, 2020
How to tie your shirt like a pro

Have a large blouse/shirt that you were going to get rid of? Well rethink that decision by trying easy-to-do shirt ties.

As you may think, not only is there a right and wrong way to tie a shirt, but there are many options to choose from. I am going to show you how to get your casual fashion on point with these ties.

1. Open the buttons of your shirt to where you want your tie to be. You then push one end of the shirt through the space, then repeat with the other end.

Once that is done, you take one end and push it through the space again from front to back and pull. That will help to keep the knot in place.

2. Take your shirt ends and simply place each through one of your pants hoops, it is cutest on the side. It makes for a cute tie design and when the shirt sags to one side more you will look oh so chic.

3. While the shirt is on you, fold the excess parts of the shirt over each other and hold in place. Get a hair tie or rubber band and turn the shirt up so you can get the underneath. Use the rubber band to bunch it together and tie it. Once that is done, simply turn the lower parts of the shirt under to allow your hidden tie and pants to show.

4. The regular knot is always a classic. You gather the excess shirt and you roll it around, then push it through itself.

If you have any excess shirt out of the knot, you can push it through itself until it is hidden.

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