Dealing with Dry Skin Patches
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January 7, 2020
Dealing with Dry Skin Patches


I have noticed that recently, I started getting some dry flakey patches of skin on my face. Some are around my nose and some around the lower part of my mouth. I can’t recall ever having this before. I haven’t really changed my face routine but clearly something is wrong. Can you help.

Dry Skin

Dear Dry Skin,

There are many things that can cause dry skin. Sometimes it can be hormonal changes, changes to temperature or even a change in product or routine. Once you don’t have sensitive skin you can follow these few steps.

First off, you need to gently exfoliate the area. Dry skin can lay on the surface of your face preventing the moisturizer’s nutrients from getting to the skin. Choose one that is gentle on the skin so as not to irritate the area further. Your exfoliator can be as simple as a little baking soda mixed with coconut oil or olive oil for a few seconds. Once that is done and your face is washed, you can apply a masque. Any honey masque (no lime juice) will be good to use. After this process is done. Make sure to give your face as much moisture as possible.

If you already have a night time moisturizer with lots of oils then that should be fine. If not, you can add a few drops of castor oil to the moisturizer and let your face rest and take in all that goodness. You can repeat the process until you see the necessary results. Please don’t forget to drink lots of water. If you find it still persists, then I advise you see a doctor.