Useful Prom Night Tips
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June 26, 2018
Useful Prom Night Tips

The preparation for prom begins long before the actual night.

Dresses are ordered or custom-made weeks before, and hair and nail appointments are booked way in advance to avoid any last-minute trouble. The effort does not stop there however.

This article shares a few tips which can be useful a couple hours before the night and on the night. Pimples tend to make an appearance when they’re least expected. In my experience, they have shown up on the night before picture day and prom night. Tea tree oil offers a quick solution to the problem.

Dip a cotton swab in the oil and apply it to the affected area. Within hours the pimple will dry up and go down.

The second tip helps to prevent your feet from sliding out of your shoes. Spraying your feet with hairspray, this will help them to stick to your shoes. This way you can enjoy dancing, or just walking around uninterrupted.

If you’re a dancer, then you’re bound to work up a sweat, and there is no better feeling than knowing for sure that your makeup is intact while you are having fun. Use a setting spray after your makeup is done to hold it in place.

Also, walk with a pack of blotting paper, as opposed to tissue, in your clutch to soak up any excess oil your face may produce over the course of the night.

Also in your clutch should be a few safety and bobby pins to help in the event of a wardrobe or hair malfunction. While you may not have any hitches in your look, someone else might, and you’ll feel good knowing that you can help them out.