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February 27, 2018
Is your black soap authentic?

To eliminate stubborn acne scars on my face, I purchased a bar of African black soap over a month ago and thought I would document any progress for this article.

Every morning I washed my face with the soap, as directed. I noticed how dry my face felt after each wash, so I started applying Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. This became part of my morning routine and I anticipated positive results after at least two weeks.

The spots on my face neither faded nor disappeared, but for the next three weeks I remained consistent with my routine, until last Sunday, when I saw a post about authentic black soap. The post identified the characteristic of authentic black soap and warned against fake black soap. It turns out the bar I purchased may be fake!

Authentic black soap is soft in texture and may even be crumbly; it has an earthy fragrance or sometimes a faint chocolate aroma, due to its cocoa content.

The post also made it clear that authentic African black soap can be very dark in colour, but it is never pure black. If the soap is jet black, like mine is, there is a chance that it has been dyed and doesn’t offer the same results.

I usually don’t write about products which I don’t find helpful, but I’m willing to go on the hunt for authentic black soap, give this another shot and hopefully document the great results.

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