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July 18, 2017
The right way to apply lipstick!

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine last week and I agreed with her that this article needs to be re-run. Take notes, ladies. As simple as it sounds, I realize a lot of persons do not apply lipstick very well. So, as the heading says, I’m going to show you the right way to do it.

The lips should be the last thing to deal with when doing your face. When you apply your foundation, make sure to cover past your lip line, so any discoloration is also covered. Take your lip liner (of the same colour lipstick or other colour) and apply in an X at your Cupid’s bow, then follow the line of your lips down to the corner and also the bottom of lip. The purpose of the liner is to give a nice crisp line and also to stop lipstick from spreading (aka bleeding) past your lip. It’s just a messy look when that happens.

You can then use a lipstick brush or just your lipstick of choice and apply within the lines you have drawn. Do not put lipstick down into the corner of your lips, it will clump or spread and when mixed with saliva (spit), will really look like a hot mess. Once you’ve done that, get a tissue and place between your inner lips, then gently close your lips, so that any excess will go onto the tissue and not your teeth. If you want to use some concealer or even some foundation to clean up the edges after, that’s perfectly fine as well. Remember, an exfoliated lip will always give for a smooth application.

Do not, I repeat,

DO NOT apply lipstick

to the bottom lip only;

it just makes no sense.

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