What's on Fleek this week
March 7, 2017
Shine Bright like a Diamond

The latest trend in makeup is a shimmery highlighted face, but with all trends there are many mistakes made with persons looking as shiny as galvanize in the sun. So let’s start with the basics. When choosing a shimmer highlighter, make sure that is matches your skin color. If you are of a darker complexion then you need to get pinks or golds (dark skin loves gold especially) in the mix. If you’re on the lighter side of the color chart then your highlighter can be more of a cream to white color. Apply your shimmer highlighter to the cheek bone itself, right above the top of your mouth (cupids bow) and your chin and forehead, similarly to regular highlighting

Be very cautious of wearing too much shimmer on your face. It’s difficult to balance shimmery eyes, cheeks and lips, so I would suggest choosing 2 out of 3. If your cheeks and eyes are shimmery then let your lips be a matte or non-shimmer color and vice versa, I’m sure you get the drift. Always keep in mind the key to everything is to blend, blend like your life depended on it. So let’s get your best face out there ladies.

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