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November 22, 2016
How to cut your eyeshadow crease

Many women do not have a naturally cut eye shape or perhaps want to emphasize what they already have. So, to give definition to the eye shadow, you must first figure out where your crease is. Your eye crease is that area of the eye where the bone/socket starts, but due to your eye shape, it may not be easily seen. Well, ladies, let’s get this show on the road.{{more}}

As usual, you must first start by making sure you have finished applying your prime. Close your eye to identify your crease area, then use an eyebrow pencil or an angled brush with a darker shade of eyeshadow.

Indent on the out eye and draw a line inwards. Take your crease eye shadow brush and go over the line repeatedly until it is faded and gives a smokey effect. You can add more pencil/shadow to get the desired shade of darkness as well as use other shades of eyeshadow as well; have fun with it.

Once you’re finished, apply your eyeshadow on your eyelid as normal, being careful not to get any onto your crease. Finish the look off with some eyeliner and some mascara on those lashes and poof…beautifully defined eyes.

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