What's on Fleek this week
June 28, 2016
Party clutch essentials

Apart from the usual clutch essentials which include items like a cell phone, cash, lip gloss or lipstick and hand sanitizer, there are a few items you should have in your purse, especially at the upcoming parties held for this Carnival season.

Hairpins – The perfect hairstyle you left the house with may not make it to the end of the party. Be sure to have a couple of hairpins in your clutch for a quick fix.{{more}}

Blotting paper – Swapping your compact foundation for blotting paper can save you space in your clutch and help you combat oily make-up.

Safety pins – Wardrobe malfunctions are a real possibility when you are dancing and having fun. Keep at least three safety pins handy, in the event of tears and loose threads in your outfit.

Small packet of tissues – I am sure we have all been in a situation where we go to the bathroom at a party and it is out of toilet tissue and paper towels. Avoid this predicament by carrying a packet of tissues with you.

Remember to have fun and be safe wherever you party this Carnival.

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