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May 10, 2016
Prom night hair styles

When I graduated in 2012, prom night was a big deal. Not much has changed since then and with prom season fast approaching, I’ve decided to suggest a few prom hair styles in today’s article.

For my prom, I wore my hair in a high bun. You cannot go wrong with a simple bun and you can either wear it up high or low to one side. To make your bun more exciting, wear it with bangs, a braid across the front or a bedazzled accessory.{{more}}

A half up, half down hairstyle with drop curls goes really well with sweetheart neckline dresses. Turn it up with hair accessories and don’t be afraid to install extensions to achieve this look.

Recently most girls have been going back natural and it would be unfair to them if I don’t suggest a hairstyle for girls with natural hair. You will need a handful of hairpins and a lot of edge control, but an elegant up do is the perfect hairstyle, especially if you have frizzy hair.

For girls with short hair, a straight bob cut is a modern and very trendy prom hairstyle. If your hair isn’t cut in a bob, you can get your hairdresser to help you achieve this temporary look by either sewing or gluing in a few tracks of weave. Top off your look by gently curling the longest part of your hair.

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