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January 19, 2016
No More Broken Nails

Nothing spoils a perfect set of nails more than a break. You then have to cut the other to suit or live with the non-uniformity of them. Well girls, panic no more, “cause I got you”. Let me show you a quick and easy way to repair your nails so you don’t have to lose that length.{{more}}

You will need:

l Crazy glue

l A finger nail file

l Cuticle stick or nail stick

l Piece of tea bag or any woven thin tissue paper

Nail polish

Cut a small strip of the tea bag to cover the breakage. Place a drop of crazy glue on to the broken nail and then lay the strip on the glue, making sure that is fully saturated. Wait for the glue to completely dry then you use the nail stick to gently separate the nail from the skin if any has over- flowed. Take the nail file and gently file away any extra glue or paper strip, making the nail smooth. Then apply your nail polish as normal. And there you have it, no more broken nail.

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