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February 5, 2016
Thank you: an effective business tool

The art of saying “thank you” is not dead. In fact, it needs to be a critical part of your career and business development strategy. Everyone likes to feel important and appreciated; it’s not just common courtesy, it’s also good business sense. Because appreciation can sometimes be given and received in a patronizing, condescending or even manipulative manner, ensure that your level of sincerity is governed by the best of intentions.{{more}}

Always demonstrate your gratitude in a timely fashion. Express your appreciation when the reason for the “thank you” is still very fresh in the mind of the recipient(s). And remember, a late “thank you” is still better than none at all. There are many reasons to say thanks, but here are a few:

o When customers and colleagues refer new business

o When employees successfully complete a project that stretched them to their limits

o When loyal customers continue to support the business, in spite of the economy, competition or your business blunders

o Someone goes out of their way to help you or does something nice for you

o When someone invests their time or offers advice

A simple verbal “thank you” is a good start. This will let those you work with understand that you do value and appreciate them.

Sending a thank-you card or gift is a lasting reminder of appreciation that signals your commitment. Although an email thank you is good, a handwritten notes carries more value. If you are a business owner, loyalty cards, discounts and client perks work well.

Regardless of why or how you choose to express appreciation, be sure that the words “thank you” are a part of your strategy to building a sound business.

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