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September 30, 2011
Too much Face Time in Facebook

Facebook has drastically changed the way we communicate. There seem to be way too much useless information, too many revealing pictures and conversations that should never be public. Many people use Facebook as their personal reality show, and the content can get ugly fast.{{more}} Although it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world, employers and colleges use Facebook to discover information about job applicants and for potential college admission. One misstep online can cost you your job, your friends and your reputation. Here are a few tips to keep your online profile clean and keep you safe.

  •  Consider it first. Think twice before you post those photos that are racy and depict illegal or immoral acts.
  • Clean up. Delete posts from friends that contain offensive language and ask them to stop.
  • Check photos. Watch for photos where you are tagged and un-tag if necessary.
  • Don’t advertise your location. Broadcasting on Facebook or Twitter where you will be or that you are going away is a recipe for disaster. This may attract predators who will take advantage of you or the fact that your home is temporarily unoccupied.
  • Think before you friend. Accepting a friend request from someone you do not know is dangerous.
  • Wait before you un-friend. Un-friending someone immediately after an offline fight is the equivalent of a friendship breakup. It is painful to some people and can cause problems offline so calm yourself before you make such decisions.
  • Leave it offline. If you have a fight with a friend, a disagreement with a boss, teacher or neighbor, or even problems at home, Facebook is not the place to discuss those matters. Keep them offline and resolve them privately.
  • Keep it private. There is no need to post workplace discussions, your address, phone number or even your email address. Keep that information private.
  • Skip the gossip. As juicy as gossip can be, don’t discuss other people in a public online space.
  • It’s not a reality show. Posting in a negative way about your job, your boss not only damages your reputation but it could mean legal troubles. Be careful.
  • Accentuate the positive. Facebook can be an invaluable tool to help you search for a job or internship and learn more about a college.

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