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September 23, 2011
Looking and Sounding Good in Phone and Video Interviews

The Internet has made the world of interviewing very exciting. Interviews are not just conducted in person anymore, with many companies (even colleges) screening candidates over the phone and through video interviews. All the rules of the job interview apply to the telephone and video interview. However, there are a few other pieces you must take into consideration.{{more}}

Phone Interviews

Dress up for the interview even though it is over the phone. It will put you in an interview state of mind.

Stand or sit tall during the phone interview. It will help you to sound more confident.
Smile during the interview. Your smiles will be evident in your voice.
Put a little extra emphasis and enthusiasm in your voice. This is the major way in which you are being judged.
Record your voice and listen to the way you sound a few days before. You might be surprised, so spend some time practicing.
Quiet all background noises, siblings, pets, other phones, etc. Choose a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted.
Turn off call-waiting to avoid interruptions. Forgetting this will reflect badly on you and disturb your concentration.
Use a landline. This will reduce the possibility of a dropped call with your cell phone.

Video Interviews

Choose a neutral background. Take down questionable pictures from the walls and choose a well-lit location, preferably with a lighter color wall.

Sit at a clean table. It’s fine if you have a bottle of water, pen, résumé and notepad on the table.
Sit still. Microphones tend to be sensitive so resist the urge to fidget or tap the table.
Do a dry run. Test your speakers and camera the day before and again 60 minutes before the interview. Use
Skype to practice with a friend. It’s a free video conference service available globally.
Show you are confident. Maintain eye contact with the interviewers by looking at the camera.
Dress your top and bottom. Don’t be tempted to only dress up from the waist up for video interviews. This can prove to be embarrassing in the event you forget and stand during the interview.
Be punctual. If you are asked to report to a specific video conference center, arrive early so you have enough time to address any issues with the equipment.

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