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December 23, 2010
Christmas is not that!

This Christmas, as you prepare to be with family and friends, remember the true reason for the season. It’s not about how much black cake, ginger beer and ham you can eat. Yes, you are probably enjoying Nine Mornings and you are hoping for a Christmas bonus at work, but Christmas its not about that either.{{more}} When you begin to push up your face and suck your teeth because the neighbour you don’t like invited herself/himself to your cake and black wine or the kids in the village play their music louder than ever, stop yourself and remember, that’s not Christmas either.

Christmas is all about remembering the birth of Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice that was made. Instead of looking for Christmas in the pretty curtains, freshly painted walls and the big barrels that come from overseas, why not be Christmas for someone in your village or on the job?

Take the time to actually share the Christmas story with our young people, the younger the better. Some kids think it’s about the presents. Don’t just tell them about Jesus’ love, why don’t you show them what love and appreciation really means. Our young people need to see and experience examples of clean, pure, “no strings attached” love. Can you do that?

On behalf of my family here in Connecticut, USA, my family in St. Vincent and my business family Workplace Success Group, let me say thank you for allowing me share my tips and suggestions throughout 2010. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

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