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December 30, 2009

Renewed in 2010

If you are able to clearly analyze 2009 and determine what you did well along with what you need to improve on, then you are ready to build on 2009 and move into 2010 with a clear head and a rejuvenated mindset. The fact that a new year begins means nothing, unless you, as a more learned person,bring into it a renewed mind with fresh thoughts.{{more}}

Think about what you learned or should have learned when you failed. Why did you really fail to get that promotion you were salivating over? Why did you allow yourself to get sucked into office politics? Dig up the ugly stuff you wished you could have buried and pick through the reasons to analyze how you handled each situation . . . then think through how you could have handled each one differently to end up ahead instead of behind.

What were your successes? Success is sweet. However, the goal should be to repeat your successes in 2008 and go even farther. But do you know your formula for success? What did you do well? What strategies did you use? Did key people help make your successes possible? Key ideas? Key decisions? There are no chance happenings, so somewhere you followed through or planted a seed to make success happen.

In 2010, let’s do things differently, instead of resolutions that take 12 months to complete, let’s try for 3 month resolutions and then start fresh again on April 1. Begin by creating a vision for yourself for the next 3 months. Write out your plans and goals then get into action. Think about the following as you get started.

1. What were your biggest accomplishments during 2009 personally and professionally?

2. Why were you successful at these endeavors and how can those success lessons help you in future endeavors?

3. What were your biggest mistakes (learning experiences) personally and professionally?

4. What can you do to avoid those same mistakes (learning experiences) in 2010?

5. What did you discover about yourself that was positive?

6.What did you discover about yourself that needs to change immediately?

7. What new skills did you acquire in ‘09 and how can improve on them in ‘10?

8. List two goals that must be accomplished in ‘10

9. List two goals that you consider long shots but you are willing to try to achieve in ‘10.

10. List the characteristics that make you the best at what you do.

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