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July 3, 2009
The recession and your talent pipeline

This week’s article is especially for employers and human resource departments who are charged with ensuring that the best and brightest people/ talent are attracted to their organizations. If you are new to HR, every company needs to have a plan in place to ensure that there is a steady supply of candidates to enter and move up in the organization – that’s your talent pipeline.{{more}}

Unfortunately, in recent months, many employers have learned that laying-off or firing employees can be one of the toughest parts about leading a workforce. Many factors may influence the decision about whom to let go.

For firms facing lay-offs, we suggest “pipeline thinking” as a way to help protect the long term interests of the business or organization.

Although some employers may look at the recession as an opportunity to release under-performing employees, they’re missing the boat if their thinking stops there. The need to identify and develop a talent pipeline should be in the mix, too. Pipeline thinking can help you make strategic decisions, if forced to let someone go. It can also put you in a better position when choosing new hires from the abundance of talent made available by the recession.

Despite the economic downturn, most businesses are expected to continue to maintain workforce productivity, even with fewer people. To do this you’ve got to increase employee competency for the long-term. Pipeline thinking can help you identify the non-technical competencies employees need to succeed in your work environment.

To get in pipeline mode, start making a list by asking: What employee characteristics work best in your business? What qualities do you see in the employees that are currently sustaining the business during these lean, mean times? How might these qualities and characteristics evolve as the business changes or as employees move upwards within the organization?

The answers may relate to things such as leadership, diligence and communication skills. They also will help you understand the types of employee development and training that will provide a steady flow of employees ready to move up as your business changes. And for employers feeling the crush of the recession, the answers will shed light on decisions about reducing their workforce.

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