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March 2, 2007

Dining etiquette tips

Sometimes you may be asked to conduct a job interview over a meal or entertain clients. Don’t be caught off guard and make mistakes that can cost you the job or the contract. Although there are lots of etiquette rules to consider lets start with the basics.

1. Dress appropriately and bring a great attitude.

2. Be discreet and chew with your mouth closed and never talk with food in your mouth.

3. Pace yourself, you don’t want to be the last one eating or the first one done. Try to begin and end each course around the same time with the other guests.{{more}}

4. When passing food always pass to the right

5. If asked to pass salt always pass salt and the pepper together.

6. NEVER season your food before tasting; it’s considered to be offensive to the chef.

7. Body language is important; sit up tall.

8. Be gracious, NEVER criticize the food.

9. Although burping out loud in some cultures may be considered a compliment to the host, at a business function in America it is NEVER appropriate.

10. If you are served a hot liquid, coffee, tea or hot soup, never blow to

cool it, simply wait, make conversation and consume carefully.

11. When you are done eating, place your knife and fork together in the

10:20 position with the tip of the knife and fork at 10 and the handles at 20.

12. If you are taking a break from eating, place your knife and fork in an upside down V formation with the handles pointing towards you.

13. There are two styles of dining, American and Continental, both are appropriate.

Practise at home and be consistent in your style.

American Style: The knife is used to cut food and then placed on the side of the plate then the fork is (tines always faced up ) moved from the left hand to the right to move food from the plate to be consumed.

Continental: The knife stays in the right and fork stays in the left. In this style the tines are always faced down and the knife is used to help place food on the back of fork.

14. Ladies should NEVER apply make-up especially lipstick at the table.

15. Bags, purses, briefcases should be placed under your chair or table, never on the table.

16. When deciding what utensil to use always work from the outside in.

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