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February 2, 2007
Mixing your intellect with dirt Part 2

Last week we talked about thinking outside of the box for graduates with subjects who have been socialized to believe that having an education means you must get a job that is clean and preferably in an office.

Before you dismiss the suggestions in this article as out of touch or even Americanized remember that the old way of thinking has not been working for you. The biggest difference between progressive countries and struggling countries is not money it’s the mentality of the people. When people begin to think in a positive, can do manner, money follows. Money never follows defeatist attitudes and mind sets bent on pulling others down.{{more}} So with that said here are a few things to consider.

1. If you are sitting at home waiting for a call from all the applications you sent out, now might be the time to consider exploring another avenue.

As we mentioned last week, the construction industry is booming and making some money is better than none at all. Take yourself down to a tradesman and let that person know you want to learn. If the first two people reject you there are at least two or three more you can talk to. Make sure you show up and act interested when they say yes. Ignore the ridicule from people who might say unpleasant things about you.

2. In March, St. Vincent will be inundated with international visitors on the island for the cricket matches, have you taken the time to investigated what might be a good way to start a small enterprise during that time to attend to the needs of the guests? Don’t try to make a quick dollar, develop a quality product or service and do it professionally. Think big, start small, if your venture goes well keep in mind that St.Vincent has a rather busy cruise ship schedule throughout 2007 and the tourism industry is growing. Transfer your venture from cricket season to cruise ship season and then carnival, independence and Christmas.

When I started my seminar company, my first seminar had 4 people, 3 of whom were my friends and family.

3. If it is your heart’s desire to work in a more professional jacket and tie environment then know you will not be able to run the place by the second day. Consider approaching a business and offering your services as an intern/volunteer. I hear the objection, you don’t have money for van fare, instead of buying all the snacks when you do come into to town “suck salt” as the old people would say for a while and invest in you. If you do a good job you will probably get an entry-level position to start. Nothing is guaranteed but if you are persistent you will be recognized, it’s a law of nature.

I would like to challenge the young educated and unemployed to try at least one of these ideas for a few months and you will see progress. Don’t expect to be an overnight success but you will succeed if you try, get advice and push forward toward your goal. People will help when you put your best foot forward.

• Karen Hinds President/CEO – Workplace Success Group, Toll Free: 1-877-902-2775; Tel: 1-203-757-4103
Creator of The Workplace Success Program (TM)