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January 5, 2007

Set a New Year vision instead of small goals

By now you know the routine, start of a new year, new resolutions and everyone wants to make more money and get a promotion. This year why not focus on the big picture. Instead of setting a bunch of small goals that will be lost in two weeks spend this year working on your vision.

What is a vision?

According to Random House College dictionary, “a vision is the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.” In other words it is the picture you create (negative or positive) of what you want your life to be.{{more}}

Why is vision important in the workplace?

An employee without vision is like a state of the art ship sitting on a foggy sea, left to the mercy of the winds and tides. The ship is full of cargo, and the captain at the helm is too lazy to navigate or doesn’t realise that he/she is in charge. Workers who are clear on where they are headed are more efficient, productive, coachable, and will probably go the extra mile because they have driven and that’s what employers want.

Creating your vision.

Your vision does not need to be elaborate. It should be a source of inspiration for you. Write it down so it serves as a daily reminder and make it specific. It should not only state the end results but it should also state the values you will operate under. This is critical because if you value respect and healthy relationships as part of your vision, you should think twice when customers or coworkers do or say things that will cause you to act contrary to your vision.

Embrace it.

Don’t just merely write it down and tuck it away but it must become a part of who you are professionally and even personally. Let your actions and associations line up with this vision.

Revise it.

When you develop your vision, revisit it regularly as your needs change and you grow into a consummate professional.

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