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October 20, 2006

Email your opinion: Do you like your boss?

This week, let’s do something a little different.

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Your name or company affiliation will not be disclosed and your confidentiality will be respected, as your emails will only come to my desk, which is not local.{{more}}

Send all your responses to by Wednesday October 25th.

It’s no secret that supervisors and managers sometimes get a bad reputation, but are all bosses deserving of the negative labels they wear?

A person in charge should be ultimately responsible for getting results from the people they manage but different people have various ways of interacting.

Companies must strive towards creating workplaces where employees want to come to work and do better everyday but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Lets hear from you.

1. How do you feel about your boss?

2. Is he or she qualified for the position?

3. What is your boss’ best quality?

4. If you had to tell it like it is, what would you say needs improvement in their performance?

5. If you don’t like your boss could it be jealousy on your part?

6. Do you think your boss really understands and cares for the workers or are they just focused on getting the job done?

Send your answers and I will summarize the results in two weeks.

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