Vincy Workplace
March 24, 2006

Wine tasting Etiquette

Not many people are professed wine connoisseurs but you don’t have to be. Having a little wine knowledge can be advantageous as a business professional especially if you entertain or plan on entertaining other business professionals. A great place to start your wine education is at a wine tasting, either at a winery or at a private event. You can even organize one of your own with friends. {{more}}

Before you attend a wine tasting there are a few basics you must know to make your event a successful one.

lEat a good meal before you attend a wine tasting.

lDesignate a driver especially for people who may have low alcohol tolerance.

lAlthough your perfume or cologne may smell great, the fragrance makes it very difficult to appreciate the wine.

lResist the temptation to pour your own wine so wait for the host to pour.

lAvoid chugging. Take the time to appreciate the wine, savor the taste, and let it sit on your palate for a bit.

lYou do not have to finish a particular wine if it does not appeal to your palate. Empty the unwanted wine in the bucket provided.

lWater is provided to clear your palate so you can truly enjoy every aspect of the wine.

lWhat about spitting? While spitting is acceptable it is not appropriate at all wine tasting events so look around for wine spittoons. If there are none, take small sips and empty any unused wine in the buckets provided.

lDon’t expect to know the difference between wines on your first outing.

There are lots of varieties, so get familiar with some of the more common ones.

lDo not expect a full glass of wine. The host will pour just enough for you to taste the wine.

lNo seconds please. If you really enjoy a particular wine, buy it. If you need seconds to make a decision, wait until everyone has been served.

lDon’t get stuck on the price of the wine. There is a misconception that a great bottle of wine must be expensive and that is absolutely false.

You can get a great bottle of wine under $20 or even $10. You decide what you like.