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Quick ways to motivate your staff

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As the year winds down, retail businesses and service organizations are gearing up for what is the busiest time of the year. As an employer or supervisor, before you begin to demand that everyone step up to the challenge of serving each customer, take a few moments to consider a variety of ways you can demonstrate to your staff how much you value them. {{more}}Your efforts will go a long way in helping your employees stay motivated and energized throughout the hectic season. Here are some short- and long-term ideas.

Study your

team members

* Know likes and dislikes

* What makes them tick (how they work best)

* Know names and use them

Verbal Praise

* Offer praise only if it’s earned

* Be genuine – don’t fake it

* Explain why they are being recognized

Written Praise

* Thank you cards

* Formal written letters


* Job appropriate training

* Literacy programmes company-wide

* Safety training

* Stress and relaxations classes


* Suggestion box

* Employee of the month award

Community Service

* Reading programmes

* School competitions

* Mentor programs – internally and externally

* Bring your child to work day

Other Ideas

* Quarterly ice cream breaks, holiday parties

* Gift Certificates

* Awards for various accomplishments

* Sports Clubs

* Open door policy

* Financial rewards

* Flex Time