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Entrepreneurial persistence

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When you are an entrepreneur, some say a “no” in the business world is basically a delayed “yes”.
This was a concept a persistent businessman understood clearly. The first meeting with a prospective client was a flat rejection; the company was not interested in the printing and graphic design services the businessman was selling. {{more}}However, he would not take “no” for an answer. It took seven different sales calls and visits over a few months before the company finally saw a need for the service, and that “no” was indeed a delayed “yes”. It was one of his biggest contracts.
Just about everyone would like to think that he/she is persistent, but entrepreneurs especially must develop this skill when marketing their products/services, if they are to stay in business.
Be persistent not a pest: If you are rejected, wait a while before you try again. People get annoyed if they are approached frequently or immediately after saying, “No thanks.”
Try something new: Come up with new angles when you present yourself the second, third or even fourth time around. Think benefits. A “no” usually comes because the buyers do not see a benefit for themselves. Buyers all listen to the same station WITFM – What’s In It For Me.
Be positive: Rejection is never pleasant so it’s important for you to remain upbeat, hopeful and strong. Try not to publicly display your anger, show frustration or speak in an unflattering manner about the person or company that turned you down.
Don’t get discouraged: Your “yes” may be closer than you think. Keep your goal constantly in front of you and keep pushing towards it. You are what you think, so mentally weed out all thoughts that do not line up with your desires.
Find a support system: As with any project, find a few people who believe in you and who can push you towards your goal.
Crazy or Creative: Everyone will always think you are crazy, especially if you are pursuing something new and different. When your persistence pays off you will be known as creative. Ignore the negative people.
Be ready: When you receive that delayed “yes”, be prepared to deliver a quality service/ product in a timely fashion and strive to exceed (not meet) the needs of the customer.

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