Vincy Workplace
September 10, 2004
Work habits clean up

Crisis has an amazing way of giving us the opportunity to realize what is really important in life. As the Caribbean continues the task of cleaning up after hurricane Ivan, maybe it’s time for a clean-up in your approach to work as well. {{more}}
Work will always be about learning. Become an independent learner and take time to gain new insights daily (especially when your job is very repetitive and boring) and then teach someone.
Time is critical to productivity and profit so every second counts. Make timeliness a priority and build a reputation by showing up early and even staying late sometimes without complaining.
Although we all have ears, not everyone knows how to listen. Listening is a skill that needs to be cultivated regularly. Pay attention, observe and think carefully before speaking.
Accepting personal responsibility for every aspect of your life is essential to your success. Resist the victim mentality and do not play the blame game. Regardless of what happened in your life you have the power to change every situation. Take charge and make a positive difference.
Smile everyday. A simple smile can benefit your health, and set the stage for building rapport and aid in your business success.
It’s a basic commandment but it’s frequently violated: Thou shall not lie.
Businesspeople lie for a host of reasons, but none are justifiable. Although it may temporarily eliminate or postpone a situation, it will always permanently damage your reputation when discovered.
Mental preparedness is only a part of the business success package; physical appearance is just as crucial. What story does your clothes tell?
Everyone wants to be validated in some way; make an effort to be respectful even when it’s not offered.

l Karen Hinds is an international author, speaker and consultant and president of Karen Hinds Seminars.