Vincy Workplace
September 3, 2004
Balancing home, work

Back to school is an exciting time for parents and especially so for students going into new classes. Amidst all the excitement, parents must make it a top priority to balance work and home life.{{more}}
The Caribbean workplace has changed as companies are yielding to the demands of a competitive global economy. Parents are working longer hours and on the weekend, which means that, families are spending less time together and children may be left unsupervised more often.
Employees with turmoil at home cannot be very effective on the job so parents must strike a balance between home and their work life.
Most employers are reasonable, so when possible make arrangements in advance for time off to attend to family business. If necessary, find a substitute to cover your shift or make up that work so the company does not suffer during your absence.
Make time for your children. Go to the beach, clean the yard or watch a movie together.
Buying fancy gadgets is not as effective as spending time with your child.
When possible attend school performances and open houses.
Enlist the help of family and friends. Even though many people do not have the traditional extended family as in times past, identify two trusted individuals who share your values and can supervise your children in the event you must work late or need assistance with aging parents.
Take time for yourself. The endless pressure of juggling kids, aging parents and work can be daunting for even the most organized person. Spend a few minutes in daily prayer, eat a healthy lunch, exercise or cultivate a garden to help recharge your batteries and get you ready to get back in the race.
Compile a daily to-do-list in the morning or the night before to help guide your day and relieve the stress of trying to remember everything.
An employee who does not have to worry about home issues can concentrate and be more productive at work.

l Karen Hinds is an international author, speaker and consultant and president of Karen Hinds Seminars.