Vincy Workplace
August 6, 2004

Looking at self-motivated employees

How many times have you listened to a motivational speaker or read a good book that lifted your spirits and for about two days, maybe a week, you really felt invincible, then the feeling fizzled and before you realized it, you were back to your old routines? {{more}}
There is no shortage of speakers, tapes, books, conferences and workshops geared towards motivating and getting almost everyone to think positively and be all they were created to be.
The question is do they really work?
Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, staying energized to face the daily challenges of work life is essential to business success but it cannot be sustained with motivational resources only. Yes, these resources are invaluable when used correctly, but too often they are used as a crutch and the effect will always be short lived.
The best employees are self-motivated employees; their enthusiasm for life and their work comes from within.
These are individuals who come to the workplace with not only career goals outlined but they have an overall vision for their life, a strategy and a written plan to achieve that vision. They understand their job, its importance and love doing it.
Company perks like trips, bonuses, speakers, books, conferences and tapes are great but it’s simply fuel to a fire that is already blazing. These individuals are disciplined, focused and unwavering.
Without a doubt, factors like physical working conditions, the wrong job and even colleagues can slow down even the most self-motivated person, but it does not stop them as they will always find a way to overcome the obstacles that are hindering them from achieving their ultimate vision for their life.
The key is to have a vision, a purpose for your life that is bigger than your job, something to hope for and believe in, that keeps you grounded.
Employers who are lucky to have self-motivated individuals on staff should not take them for granted as it is still vital to provide bonuses, awards programmes, recognition, respect, fun and adequate resources so they can continue to be peak performers.