Dishonest Vendors
Vincy Workplace
April 20, 2004
Dishonest Vendors

There is a lot of uproar lately about corporate abuse and executives who
take advantage of company resources, and rob and cheat their way to the top.
This should not be a surprise as for decades consumers have been witnessing
the excesses and greed of some small vendors. Is it not the same?{{more}}

Yes, stealing a few dollars here and there does not seem comparable to
thousands or even millions lost but it‚s the same principle, dishonesty.
Watered down strong rum, mixing flour in the dry milk and dry rotted goods
all produce the same problems as executives who throw lavish parties at the
company‚s expense, skim a little funds off the top into their own personal
accounts and employees who insist on using the company as their personal
school supply shop. Ultimately the customer is the one who suffers with
increased cost and/or inferior products.

Families work hard to stretch their income to met daily basic needs and
still some are not able to do this on their current salary. Dishonest
business organizations small and large who exploit the consumer must be
stopped. All businesses should be held accountable for their actions.
Discussions of corporate responsibility and ethics must include small
vendors as it all boils down to promoting a culture that values the customer
and encourages honesty, integrity and fair play.

Of course there are many small businesses and large corporations that are
honest and have a vested interest in the well being of their customers.
These companies genuinely go above and beyond to exceed the needs of those
who keep them in business. They should be commended and serve as a
benchmark of responsible, honest business practices.

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