Understanding the Law
June 22, 2018
We have a beautiful country – Don’t spoil it with crimes

We don’t know the beautiful country we have until we see others. We take it for granted. It’s time to show some appreciation.

Why do we have to spoil it with crimes? God gives us families to support us when the world out there treats us badly. We have our loved ones to give us comfort. What a beautiful thing! He gives us friends to turn to in times of misfortune. What a beautiful thing! He gives man the ability to make laws for justice and protection. What a beautiful thing! Why do we allow the enemy to step in and control us to the point of destroying us? That is not helpful or desirable.

We cannot live by laws alone; we need to have love and concern for our fellowmen. We need to have a certain amount of moral standing. We are all upset when crimes occur. This shows that there is a kind and gentle part in all of us. Crimes rupture our sensibilities and make us think of our own mortality because we could be victims of crimes. We have to lift our level of thoughts by not harbouring any thoughts of evil against others. I know what it is like to be the object of hate and I know what it is like to be loved. People say bad things about us for no good reason. People do bad things to us for no good reason.

We need to keep our minds pure and clean. Appreciate others for their God given talent and live by the teachings of Matthew 25. Mind you there are many loving, praying people who pray for us everyday to keep us from harm. We need many more of those loving and praying people to stave off the evil that abounds.

We have a beautiful country let us keep it clean and healthy. Let us keep our bodies clean with the good foods that abound, let us make good choices and eat with moderation. Start the children early on nutritious foods. Let them appreciate the good vegetables and fish. Diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes abound. Keep our bodies healthy by eating good food. Too many starchy, sugary, salty and oily foods are wrecking our bodies. Curb the sugars, the starches and the salt. The starches become sugars when processed by our digestive system. We have to resort to medication, some of which have serious side effects.

Check the Internet about some of the condiments such as turmeric, fennel seeds, anise seed, cinnamon among others. Use more garlic. Look up about the benefits and the side effects. How they can add flavour to food while providing some benefits. I am neither doctor nor any paragon of knowledge but I can tell you a thing or two about keeping the temple of God clean. Don’t forget to check with your doctor and dietician.

The starches and sugars go towards building up the weight. The weight makes us lethargic and sick. Whether we are weighty or slim we should all take part in some vigorous exercise to burn up the excess sugar and tone the muscle. The American Heart Association says that we should do at least 10,000 footsteps per day. Check with your doctor first because a heart condition might not permit it. We do have a sweet palate but we have to practice restraint. Give up the ice cream and cake. Eat oatmeal (not the instant one) more often. It does not spike up the sugar in your blood. It is slow and effective. It has good reviews.

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law. E-mail address is: [email protected]