June 13, 2014
Scare-man-go-ring de bell

De word Scare-man-go-ring got tremendous attend-shun during de de-bait on de Past-Sport Act in de house Par-liar-mint on Choose-dey. First was PM Gone-Soft who like he really Gone-soft lately, he chanted de Awe-position foh being guilty ah Scare-man-go-ring, spreading fear and false-hood about de Past-sport Act.

Dat De-bait turned out be ah case ah “much ado bout nutten!” Except of course de real reason foh de Ammendment is yet to unfold.

Now de real “Scare-man-go-ring” was de 2009 and 2010 Report from de Direct-her Audit, Dahalia Sealey de sole or is it, soul authority on “who is who in corrupt-shun!” Hey’s ah woman wid guts and back-bone, ah Believer and practicing Christian, dey can’t touch her, ” she covered by de Blood”.{{more}} And ley me hasten to add dat we have some strong Woe-men still holding up “Fort Dignity” and “Fort Pride.” Dey’s de Accountant General, Mrs Fitz Patrick who stood up to Julie- Ann and Cabinet Secretary Bun-hard Morgan? Dey’s Supervisor of Elect-shun, Sylvia Findlay-Scrubb. And don’t forget people like Dr Dhatta, ah will deal wid her lower down. But SVG needs more honest and decent public servants wid substance like these ladies. Dat 2009 and 2010 Audit report points to ah lot ah incompetence, mis-management, unskilled and weak Public Servants in exercising or not exercising authority. And dey are aided and abetted by dishonest pull-it-tek-all bandits. Dis worthless state continues because ah all ah de pull-it-tek-all appointments, putting unqualified party supporter in management positions, people who will carry out de polly-trick-hands dirty wuk. De Report suggests dat de Go-venom-men’t has not been genuine in its reporting ah de state ah de E-con-Amy, dey lie! Dey cooking de books but when de stove turn of and de food start ah share out, Belisle Five Star Hotel won’t have space to hold mankind.

De Report is darming! Thanks to Nelson King foh airing de Direct-her Audit’s Report and bussing de Boullie, Nelson reports for de Vincent-shun from quite in New York. And nuff respects to I-fan Own-heel in his Green Party Column foh taking time out to explain in de-tail de findings ah de Direct-her Audit’s Report. Ah must add-myth dat I do enjoy de Green Party’s TV commercials wid I-fan Own-heel star-in. Ah made ah joke wid him de other day say, dat his commercials were bite-in to de bone. He gave me ah serious face and told me dat he was going to win de upcoming Elect-shun. But I-fan has ah wide TV audience, including de Pry-minister. His Commercials Scare-in de hell out ah Gone-soft, well de Ads are all about de PM, his qualification or lack of in E-con-nah-mix and about de corrupt-shun regime. In another of Own-heel’s TV Ad, he is calling on de Must-take Company to pay dey rightful Taxes or else ‘pack dey Bags and go back to way dey come from’. He’s even threatening to kick dem out when he gets into office. Now de PM is eye-rate wid Own-heel, accusing him of lie-in. But check it, Own-heel been saying all along dat de ULP Administration is corrupt, he now has full proof of all he was saying in de Direct-her Audit’s Report. What ah remember of de Mustique Company Act is dat dey are like ah country in ah country. But if ah have to comment on dat Company it will have to be de one thousand people employed on dat one island. Dis country need ah few more operations using de services of ah thousand workers.

One good thing about de 2009 and 2010 Audit Report is dat it has exhonorated all dem people who were demom-eyes foh exposing de ULP Administration as de most corrupt in de pass-present and future : de Dug-he Dey-Fraid-us’, de I-fan Own-heels, de Pat-trick Free-are-we’s, de Margaret Londons and her teacher Frank Da Silvas, Matthew Thomases, Bert Francois and others, all dat de good Direct-her Audit lady is saying dat we must not shoot dem, embraced dem all for dey are only messengers delivering de truth, Let Scare-man-go-ring de bell!


Yes we can now boast of ah refurbished Paediatric Ward at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. De Lord knows we need it. And congrat-yu’ll-hear-shun are in order foh Dr Dhatta and Sis Jacqueline Browne-King foh de many years ah struggle, keeping hope alive foh de nation’s sick children and by extension de region’s sick children. Dis project is Dr Dhatta’s brain child. She bin dey from day No 1 wid de World Paediatric Project (WPP), in ah partnership dat has provided funding of over one hundred and sixteen million dollars worth of medical services! over 3,500 children received medical treatment, including all kind ah surgery, open heart, brain tumor whatever. Surgery done hey, dey and de USA.

Ah recall my three year ole daughter attending Dr Dhatta’s clinic years ago. Yuh just had to say Dr Dhatta and she was ready to go. She wore ah cute outfit and Dr D asked her where did your Daddy get such ah lovely dress. Wid crisp baby diction, de poor child replied: ” He bought it at de Salmation Army!” Up to today, Dr Dhatta still heckles me about dat pretty outfit from de Salvation Army. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.