February 14, 2014

I am Woman, real Woman! – Confessions of a young Woman!

But Mama, you know over the years you have been giving your all to those politicians and you getting nothing in return. You go to all meetings from Chateaubelair to Fancy and they don’t as much as fix the road in our area.{{more}}

You remember that time you came back from Sandy Bay, so hungry that you almost collapse. Ever since I left the Community College three years ago, I never got a job until that man with a store on Bay Street employ me last Christmas. But talk about pay, that was something else; me a graduate with an ‘A,’ a ‘B’ and a ‘C’. Starvation staring we in our faces! This must stop. I going see the Minister, although they say he ain’t have no power, but ah have to go and ah going early.

Next day I reach even before some of the workers. But that ain’t no big thing, because I does see some of them on the street at all hours when they should be in their offices working. I see someone looking like she is a secretary, but she dress down as if she going in for Miss SVG. You know when I reach she desk I realize she used to be a student in a class below me at Community College, but ah always know that she was fresh. I think I heard she got one subject, a ‘C’. She never used to speak to some of us, especially when she boyfriend drop she in his big SUV. I never see his face, because his car have on a heavy tint. It was my belief that he was a married man, but ah could never tell. Like she still have she freshness with she, as she look at me from top to bottom. I told her I came to see the Minister, but she tell me right up front that the Minister will be busy today and might not be able to see me. I let she know right away, that fresh lady with she face like a shoemaker repair it, that ah sitting down outside until the Minister see me.

The hours going by and anger boiling up in my soul; then I see a face pop up in front of me, a much more pleasant one than Miss Horse Face. She said the Minister will see me. The Minister greeted me with a hug, like we are friends. Then he ask about my mother. I realize then that he know me, so I began to feel happy. I explain my situation and let him know it was having a strain on my poor mother. He give me a long story about the economic situation which they inherited and this was made even worse by the global economic crisis. He went on with some other economic talk, but he obviously didn’t know that my ‘A’ was in Economics. I could ah tell him a few things, but I too tired. However, he promised to consider my situation and said that I will hear from him soon. What disappointed me was that he hardly looked at me. I had put on one of my most beautiful short dresses, one I used to wear when me and my boyfriend were going somewhere special.

That is another story. I had so much faith in that worthless vagabond. He dressed like a real man, not like some of those with their pants hanging below their waist like they going to TU-TU. Ah saw him a couple times with a girl and he told me she was his close cousin, so I cool. But one day, one of my girlfriends took me out for a meal. We sat in a corner and were chatting and eating for a while until my girlfriend mash me foot and tell me look over there. It was my boyfriend with the same girl, but with his hand around her waist. It was total confusion in my mind. I told my girlfriend that we must leave, but I walk so that he could see me. That wretched scoundrel! He phoned me a few times, but I refused to answer. When I could take it no longer, I sent a What’s App message with a few of my choicest bad words and that was it. I am one of those girls who don’t put up with nonsense, so I closed that chapter in my life with a full stop, followed by an exclamation mark.!

Back to Mr Minister! He promised to get back to me. He asked for my cell number. I didn’t hesitate to give him, because he looked like a decent man. In fact, when I went in to see him at that hour, I was a bit frighten, but he acted properly.

I had to wait almost an hour to get a bus. As I got into the bus, I hoped that my day was not wasted. As the bus made its way to Belmont, I don’t know if it was because I was tired I realize what that woman who had phoned into the radio station meant when she mentioned to Mr Too Hot that when she going home in the van is like she having hiccup. After many hiccups, I got out of the van and then my phone rang. I assumed that it was my mother. It was a male voice. I asked who was that. He said Minister Pembreton. I was shocked. He was thinking about my situation and wanted to help. He had something in mind and wanted to know if I can meet him tonight. I said that was not possible, because I had just gotten home. He asked about tomorrow. He had a Cabinet meeting which was likely to go late and some other persons to see but will make sure he can see me before he leaves. I told him that I will see if that was possible.

I related the day’s happenings to my mother. I asked if she thought I should go see the Minister. My mother is one who don’t put up with nonsense, but I know she has a soft spot for her party. She said well, you can handle yourself. I thought seriously about the matter. What additional information the Minister wanted that could not be given on the phone. I am my mother’s own child. I don’t stand for nonsense. You would realize that from the way I dealt with my boyfriend. I took a decision that I was not going to see Minister Pembreton, because if he tried anything all hell will break loose and when my mother hear about that, another hell will break loose. You see I am real Woman!

Dr Adrian Fraser is a social commentator and historian.