UWI Medical Class of 1998 Tribute to our colleague Dr Amrie Morris-Patterson
Dr Amrie Morris-Patterson
November 10, 2023

UWI Medical Class of 1998 Tribute to our colleague Dr Amrie Morris-Patterson

We, the University of the West Indies (UWI) class of 1998, wish to express our sincerest and deepest condolences to the family of our beloved Amrie who was taken from us so prematurely. There are more than 100 of us and we all have different memories of Amrie over varying lengths of time. We all agree that she exhibited a calm, joyful personality. She was always ready to help, encourage and lift others up.

Cheron [Bailey], Patrice [Lawrence] and Raquel [Bennett] were fortunate enough to know Amrie during her tender years at the St Vincent Girls’ High School and St Vincent Grammar School. They later became study partners as medical students at the UWI, in the class of 1998. They recall Amrie’s quiet, yet gentle disposition coupled with a maturity far beyond her years. She remained consistent and focused on the goal ahead. Amrie was a dedicated scholar; she encouraged those of us with whom she rotated to be diligent in our studies. She was happy and remained content despite the challenges and stresses of student life and internship. During her internship at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), she was much loved and admired by her residents and consultants.

Amrie was a devout Christian and attended Advent Fellowship and other church meetings on Sabbaths. She inspired so many of her classmates to find the time to attend church and deepen their faith and relationship with God.

Amrie was admired by all for her compassion, empathy, and her faith! This likely fuelled her passion for mental health and led to her choosing Psychiatry as her field of specialty. She completed her Psychiatry Residency and was always very faith-based in her approach to mental health. She went above and beyond to provide for those in her care. She was an outstanding positive contribution to the mental health of her patients in St Vincent and the Grenadines. She also enjoyed and was dedicated to teaching medical students at Trinity School of Medicine in St Vincent and preparing the next generation of doctors for a career of service.

A few personal quotes from her former classmates:

“When I remember Amrie, I think of grace and humility and I see that smile she almost always had on her face-always pleasant, a picture of contentment. To me, the light of Christ shone through her. She didn’t have to say she was a Christian, you saw and felt it. May her soul rest in eternal peace.” (Takeyce)

“A truly beautiful soul’. (Cheron) She recalls her gratitude for Amrie’s help at her own mother’s funeral two years ago and also with her daughter’s injured leg.

“I admired her for her quiet composure. She always seemed to have it together, in a mature manner. We could all see she was a disciple of Christ by the way she behaved. She was always kind and very friendly and welcoming. She lived a life of service and had a positive impact on everyone she encountered.” (Glendese)

“Amrie accepted God as sovereign. Even as I tried to encourage her, she encouraged me”. (Carol)

“Amrie had a gift of patience and quiet reassurance of faith. She was gentle and kind and I have no doubt that while losing her comes with tremendous grief, having had her brings immeasurable comfort”. (Kisha)

“Live a life that makes her proud. May Amrie’s soul rest in peace and may light perpetually shine upon her”. (Saphire)

Her years at UWI helped shape her future in many ways!! We recall the bright sparkle in her eyes when she met the rock of her life, Anthony!! Amrie was thrilled that he was a young man of strong faith! Their courtship blossomed and they later married and made a home in St Vincent. They had two wonderful daughters of whom Amrie was fiercely proud. They too displayed love, courage and support during the difficult days of her illness.

Amrie’s illness caused deep pain and suffering, but she weathered the storm with courage and strength, describing herself as being ‘in God’s waiting room’. She continued to beneficially impact others despite fighting her internal battle. When others sent messages to encourage her, it was often they themselves who became encouraged by her strong faith, positive attitude, resilience and her dedication to the Lord. Her inner strength came from God and was apparent to all who knew her. She was indeed a beacon for us all.

Ironically Amrie’s journey on earth ended on World Mental Health Day!

Rest on dear sister! Rest in eternal peace! You will be missed, but your legacy will forever live on in our hearts and the hearts of many.

Amrie encouraged others that “God will restore’. And indeed, He shall. 1 Thessalonians 4:18 paraphrased says- ‘We do not grieve as those who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep….and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Therefore, encourage one another with these words’. Amen.
Written by: Sharon, Michelle and Raquel on behalf of UWI Class of 1998.