A tribute to Dr Arthur Cecil Cyrus
Dr David A Joyette
April 14, 2023

A tribute to Dr Arthur Cecil Cyrus

by Dr David A Joyette
Don Mills, Ontario

Arthur Cecil Cyrus lived a truly long and wonderful life, for it was done in the service of others.

He understood the true value of life is not measured by how much money or material things we accumulate; it is how much of ourselves we contribute to make this world a better place for all of mankind.

Dr Cyrus was my hero. He was a success at whatever he did, he was a hero and a metaphorical saint, and a consummate teacher, for everything he did had a reason from which we must draw knowledge. That is why to me he was a winner—and we are all winners for being blessed by his thoughtfulness, his love his kindness, his caring and sharing of his life.

Cecil Cyrus’s life had meaning and purpose. From his early childhood he wanted to be a medical doctor, an instrument he used to lift his community out of deprivation and poverty by erasing the scars of colonialism. Also, he was a guide and mentor to many young men and women who braved the great unknown in hope of a better education, a better life and living.

Many others had no idea of his history but were inspired by his uninterrupted focus, steely determination, tenacity, drive and action to succeed at success. He returned home and humbly performed surgeries as Mr A C Cyrus, FRCS.

Dr Cyrus was a winner – and we are all winners for being blessed by his presence here on earth. When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter. For facts never stood in the way of a winner. Winners are dreamers who understand how to turn their dreams into reality and in so doing create a better more beautiful world for everyone. The facts may be real, they could represent strong opposition, and nevertheless, it doesn’t matter to a winner, for in his heart is a splendid image of his dreams.

He was a metaphorical saint and by that I mean he was someone who sought meaning in life by identifying himself through relationships with others, and specifically with relationships that value some definite idea of LOVE as the highest priority.

These qualities were demonstrated and shared by the way he conducted and treated his wife Kathryn, children, Helen, Rachel, Paul, Mark and grandchildren. He gave them more than he ever got from his parents. By the way, he sought knowledge in the best interest of serving his patients and others in his community, St Vincent and the Grenadines. He made sure the quality and standard of their lives were unmatched. He gave and never counted the cost. He toiled and never sought reward.

Cecil, like all great leaders had the ability to organize people and inspire them to exceed at anything they had ever done before. He had the ability to concentrate on his strengths and to focus on the critical areas that were essential for success. His life and history are an example of the blending together of all the great leadership qualities that have been identified in every society.

In closing, my wife and I extend our profound, heartfelt and sincere sympathy to the Cyrus family, for the loss of Cecil. When we lose a husband, father or a brother, regardless of how old, and worldly we are, we feel alone and vulnerable. We feel like a child again. At the same time, we think of all the good days, and moments we had together, all the good things that he did, all the special qualities he had and how he helped us faced up to life’s challenges as we learn, grow and change.

Yes, Cecil was a very special person and you will miss him and having gone on, you will not forget him. He would want you to keep going the way you have. He was very proud of you.

Our thoughts and condolences are with you, and the rest of the family May Cecil’s soul rest in peace.