Squash Association owes much to Sir Cecil’s vision, hard work and generosity (+VIDEO)
April 14, 2023
Squash Association owes much to Sir Cecil’s vision, hard work and generosity (+VIDEO)

Sir Cecil Cyrus introduced the sport of squash to St Vincent and the Grenadines, an act that changed the lives of many for the better.

We, the members of the SVG Squash Association, owe much to his vision, hard work, attention to detail and generosity.

His contribution to the sport extends beyond building courts. He bought squash rackets for the indigent ones and allowed everyone to play for free on his court. When the national team travelled regionally, he contributed to their passages.

He served as president and de facto secretary and treasurer for nine consecutive years. To improve the standard of the junior game in St Vincent and to introduce others to it, he paid the airfare out of pocket for coaches, accommodated them at his home and insisted on paying them a pittance for their generosity, despite their protests.

Through his efforts, squash in St Vincent is more than just a sport. Squash continues to protect the youths from harmful, alluring indulgences and vices and is the perfect outlet to release the day’s frustrations.

The contributions he made to squash in St Vincent and the Caribbean cannot be overstated and will live on forever. To us he has been and will continue to be the touchstone for all that we continue to aspire to be as a sport and organization; integrity, sportsmanship, passion and character.

“It is not about winning but finishing the match”.

The SVG Squash Association and players of all ages extend condolences to Kathryn, Lady Cyrus and his four children – Helen, Rachel, Paul and Mark, his grandchildren and other relatives.
We will continue to honour the memory of our founding father.

Editor’s note: Dr Cyrus introduced the game of squash to SVG in 1966. He was first exposed to the game while a student at Queen’s University, Belfast in 1950.