Ode To A Netball Queen
April 5, 2019
Ode To A Netball Queen
We will remember you, Joanne

by Janelle Jolly

Who can forget your lightning speed?
Incredible balance, acrobatic feats!
Can I recall our battles long?
Joggers/Superstars, the rivalry was strong.
My toughest challenge you turned out to be,
Your exasperation….”Janelle yo cyar mark me!”
I will remember you, Joanne… Absolutely!

Can I forget your captaincy?
In our national colours there was no rivalry.
Like a lioness brave, you led your pride
Blue,yellow and green, who could match your stride!
An anchor sure, you covered the court
Attacker/ defender, so much taller
than short.
Precision passes, targeted deflections
A bow-legged sprinter, hard to hold down.
We will remember you, Joanne…

Can I forget your discipline?
Driven and fit, determined to win
Nonchalant in confidence
Your bold yet unassuming presence.
Your wittiness, your excellence,
Your dancing eyes, mischievousness.
Your laughter, it’s infectiousness.
We will remember you, Joanne…

Who can forget your stubbornness?
Firm in your stance, no need to impress.
Self-assured, but not walking in pride,
Brave and strong – yet gentle inside.
Kind and generous – a leader, supporter
To so many a treasure – you were tough, you were tender.
We will remember you, Joanne…

Can I forget our warm reconnection?
Your radiance of spirit, that beauty within.
Your laughter so easy, you shone like a star
Reflecting the Son who now lived in your heart.
A woman of God – a faith strong, so sure
Walking in the Spirit, confident and secure.
Intimacy with the Father, made you shine so much more!
We will remember you, Joanne…

A beautiful soul, you left us so soon
But your mark has been etched on our lives’ every room
We wish you had stayed for a longer while
We will miss your laughter, we will miss your smile.

Tenacious yet humble, authentic, so real
A netballer with wings – you have earned them for real
Thank you for the gift that you gave to us all
Susan said it right – you were the Queen of netball.
We miss you, Joanne
We will remember you, Joanne…