Eulogy of Rosalie Olive Juanita (Neita) Taylor
February 10, 2012
Eulogy of Rosalie Olive Juanita (Neita) Taylor

by Bob Haydock Fri, Feb 10. 2012

at the Cathedral of the Assumption on February 3, 2012.

Rosalie Olive Juanita (Neita) Taylor was born on September 4, 1928 in Colonarie, St. Vincent. She died on January 22, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

Neita was part of a large family of eleven brothers and sisters; she was the seventh child. Her siblings were Venie, Kevin, Marcella, Carlos, Carey, Egdeus, Joe, Eulalie (Dolly), Mikey and Brian (Bonnie).

She attended the Belle Vue Roman Catholic School, then the St. Vincent Girls’ High School. She was employed at the auditing and accounting firm Coopers and Lybrand.

On July 21, 1948, she married Sylvester “Scobie Taylor”. She was 20 years old; he was 18.

They produced six children – Deanna, Carson, Gilbert, Roselle, Charisse and Carey.

Scobie was a soccer star who also represented St. Vincent at cricket and table tennis.

In 1967, Neita started her own accounting firm, then subsequently formed a partnership with the late Mr. Frank Williams, a senior civil servant and well-qualified accountant.

Neita managed the firm, Williams and Taylor, on a full time basis. Frank Williams remained a civil servant and provided leadership to her. The firm prospered and gave good support to the Taylor family.

In 1974, Sylvester and Carson started Carsyl Agencies Ltd. The family first resided at New Montrose, then in 1974 they moved to their new home at Rose Cottage.

Neita was always a very gentle person and I have never seen her angry, but she was a good manager who got things done.

I remember telling her of a problem I thought I had with the income tax department and my apprehension at the harsh treatment I expected from them. She told me that she did not think I would have any real problems; she told me to inform them that I had a problem and needed their help. She was sure that they would be very helpful. It worked beautifully and I have had an excellent rapport with our income tax department ever since!

As they matured, five of the six Taylor children migrated to Canada.

Carson remained to run Carsyl Agencies Ltd.

Neita’s success as a supportive wife and mother, as well as a managing Williams and Taylor, eventually created sufficient stress so as to adversely affect her health quite seriously and it became necessary for her to move to Canada in October 2005 to obtain the benefits of their superior medical facilities; this also gave her the opportunity to spend more time with the majority of her children and grandchildren.

Her husband Sylvester died on February 20, 2012. His funeral took place in this church and he is buried in the Kingstown Cemetery.

In accordance with her wishes, her children have brought Neita’s body back to St. Vincent for similar treatment and to be buried near to Sylvester.

I think that she was a wonderful person. May her noble soul rest in peace. Amen.