July 30, 2010

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

Born in Hairouna, in a village called Rose Hall
Of the Robertson clan she hailed
The angels sang, the heavens declared
1901 that March morn very fain
Nen and George welcomed
a bouncing baby girl

Sweet Elfrida, nurtured by loving eyes. Kind smile and fair speech
Grew in stature, beauty and grace
Behold by young Prince James one day
A man of wisdom, strength and dexterity
She became his awesome bride,
December 22nd, 1822

Mother and father she bade goodbye
Three fair princesses – Elsie, Ena and Emily
To become the committed wife of one
She loved her church, her countrymen, her children
They rise up, and call her blessed
Oh what devotion this mother of three!

Beauty within, beauty without
Inner strength of paramount
No guile, no pretence, no hypocrisy she bore
A true model of God, his image likeness she wore
The calypsonian ask
“Where have all the good people gone?”
They have certainly gone to be with the lord.