July 23, 2010
Tribute by Lydia A. Plaugh/McKenzie – Daughter

Tribute to Mommy

My siblings and I are the beneficiaries of the life and times of Laura Inez Plaugh.

She was to us our pillar of strength, our go-getter, our encourager when we needed encouragement, our guide, (we really needed guidance) and the enforcer when we needed a stiff hand. Though small in stature, she stood up to the challenge of those of us who towered over her, to those who matched her height.

We will forever remember her telling us from jumbie stories, to her growing up days; from her life story to when we were growing up stories.{{more}}

In our reflections of mommy, we will forever envision a woman who was never idle. She walked with a purpose, she was always going on a mission, she always had something to do. She was purpose driven.

She loved God and was never afraid to praise him. We are happy to know that praising God was the last active thing she did before her passing and we strongly believe that she has made her calling and election sure and that she is safe in the arms of Jesus.

It is my prayer that all of us, her children, will join her some day in that place.

Until then, may she rest in sweet peace.