The week that was
November 1, 2016

With nine CAPE passes and the Prime Minister’s Award in the bag, 18-year-old Richard John pretty much has the world as his oyster right now. Intent on furthering his studies in the UK, Richard will undoubtedly flourish wherever he ends up, because academic brilliance is something he seems very passionate about. Not to mention, he has been consistent in its attainment – he placed first overall when he sat the Common Entrance Examinations, and he was the top achiever when he sat his CSEC exams in 2014.{{more}}

It’s heart-warming to see a young man remain so focused on his education and career at a time when far too many young people are coasting along in mediocrity. Not only is Richard a reflection of good parenting and a solid educational system, he is also a shining role model for others — a reminder that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve. Contrary to the old adage, the sky is NOT your limit. Spread your wings, take risks, test your limits, and you will soar much higher!


After years spent battling the Government, many believed that Otto Sam was fighting a losing battle. It’s a good thing that he held his ground and didn’t succumb to external pressures, because he has finally been vindicated. Last week, the High Court ruled that the former headteacher’s dismissal from public service in 2013 was “improper”, “illegal” and “disproportionate”. Justice Esco L Henry ordered that Sam be given full pay, backdated from the time he was suspended, with benefits and full pension. Last year, the Court of Appeal also ruled against the Government in a matter involving Sam, ruling that he had been illegally transferred from the South Rivers Primary School to NEMO. On that occasion, Sam was awarded costs of $2,500, plus damages. This is certainly a fitting time to be receiving such good news, as 2017 is only two months away. The New Year is a great time to shake off the dust of bad times past, and the compensation will certainly grease the way!


It really isn’t a good week (AGAIN) to be a member of the RSVG Police Force, especially with the viral circulation of a video showing a wild west like confrontation between officers and a civilian in Georgetown. With so many gun deaths having taken place already for the year, members of the force should really be setting a better example; showing restraint and good judgement in settling disputes or arguments. If the persons charged with keeping the peace can’t do that, then maybe it’s time to revamp the way they are recruited and trained, especially in this age where everybody and their ‘nenny’ has a smartphone with video capabilities. Civilians are only too willing to capture police officers on their worst behaviour.


In days gone by, there were some communities that were synonymous with fighting, killing, aggressiveness and other things of that nature. The community of Glen was not one of them. Now it seems that some of the people of Glen are working overtime to change that. With a recent spate of shootings (some resulting in deaths) and the brutal beating of a 14-year old boy, one has to wonder what exactly is going on. Is this just a passing phase, or a hint of something worse to come? Whatever it is, we hope our Police Force can nip this in the bud, and stop it from spreading.

If I had a question in SVG Parliament

…With the start of the cruise ship season only a few days away, I would ask Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis what has become of the clean-up of Kingstown he promised at the start of the year. Several ships are scheduled to visit in the upcoming months; in recent years, the reviews we have been receiving from visitors about certain aspects of our product, including the state of Kingstown, to be frank, have been embarrassing. Minister Francis promised to get the clean-up done in 2016, one way or the other. This is a reminder that there are two months left in the year, Mr Minister.

Media Watch

Those guys and gals who host radio programmes really need to be more respectful to their listeners by doing their research and planning their shows before sitting in front of the mic and pontificating about everything they know nothing about. Today’s general public gets information from multiple sources and picks up immediately when you are “winging it” and don’t have your facts straight. Invest an hour preparing for your shows every day. Your listeners will thank you for it!