The week that was
February 23, 2016

Vincentian under-19 all-rounder Gidron Pope was a crucial part of the West Indies’ surprise triumph in the Under-19 World Cup, which was held in Bangladesh. Gidron has more than a little Chris Gayle in him: They are both left-handed opening batsmen, who are more than capable spin bowlers as well. Pope also has Gayle’s charisma and flair for the awe-inspiring big hits out of the ground. {{more}}ESPNcricinfo, the authoritative website on cricket, just named Pope as one of the best players in the Under-19 tournament, calling him “one of the most talked-about players in the competition, mainly due to his big-hitting in the first ten overs.” Pope’s game is already tailor-made for 20/20 cricket, the most lucrative and popular form of the game today. We hope that he will continue to work hard and improve, so that he will evolve beyond big-hitting novelty and into a mainstay of the West Indies senior team in all 20/20, One-Day and Test cricket. His future is bright.


It’s only February, but Vincy Mas is in already the air. People are buzzing over the launches of costumes for popular mas bands Mirage Productions and Ahdrenalin Carnival. Mirage, back from a one-year hiatus, is inspired by flowers, with a colourful collection called “In Full Bloom.” Ahdrenalin calls its collection “How Dare You? – The Burlesque Sensation,” and is certainly pushing the envelope with daring and barely-there costumes. Although Carnival Tuesday is still over four months away, some sections are already sold out, despite prices as high as $1,200. We’re glad that Ahdrenalin and Mirage are bringing Trinidad-inspired designs and all-inclusive experiences to the streets, but we’re also waiting to see the other mas bands, and hoping that Tuesday masquerade isn’t priced out of the reach of the average Vincentian.


Lawyers representing New Democratic Party candidates must be wondering what hit them. First, there was the “fishing expedition” of a case that tried to convince a judge to let them have a peek into the Central Leeward ballot boxes. Then there was judicial slap-down of Ben Exeter’s attempt to skip the regular processes and go straight to court to get his gun licence back. Not to be outdone, former teachers and former NDP candidates Elvis Daniel, Bash Thomas and Kenroy Johnson were all told that their claim against the Government was “entirely hopeless,” and that the Constitution, not an evil ULP administration, was against their classroom reinstatement. After this hat-trick of stinging legal defeats, is anyone holding out hope that their fanciful election petitions will perform any better?


Small traffickers who ply the trade route between SVG and Trinidad don’t have an easy life. Whether they’re trading in agricultural produce or manufactured goods, the traffickers work long hours, travel long distances, and survive on razor-thin profit margins. Imagine their shock when they learned that the customs duty on the cases of Busta, Chubby and other carbonated beverages had skyrocketed to 70 per cent, making their products far less competitive with local Ju-C, and other soft drinks. The traffickers are also confronted by changes in Trini regulations, which make it more difficult for them to change their money from TT dollars on their way back home.

These challenges are real, but the Government no doubt has an interest in protecting the local flour, beer and soft drink industries from a flood of cheap Trini products. The survival of our local industries and the jobs that they bring is obviously important to us all. But these high-minded concepts are of little comfort to those hardy men and women who have been sailing up and down between our islands in pursuit of an honest dollar.

If I had a question in SVG Parliament

…I would ask Jomo Thomas if he is able to manage all of the conflicts and contradictions that are in his various personal, professional and political roles. Jomo is the Speaker of the House, a lawyer bringing cases against the Government, a ULP caretaker for the South Leeward constituency, a politically-minded newspaper columnist, an opinionated radio host and guest, and that’s before we get to his personal entanglements, which cause him to have custom made bedsheets, half red, half yellow to keep everyone happy. Can all of these personas coexist? Will the real Jomo Thomas please stand up?

Media Watch

I-Candi Photos has long been a Facebook staple for its steady stream of photos — usually of scantily-clad young ladies partying in SVG’s nightclubs and fetes. But who would have thought that the beauty that would go viral and bring I-Candi fame would not be a buxom woman in a suggestive outfit, but rather an innocently-smiling schoolgirl, in uniform, radiating pure Caribbean charm and joy. They say that only sex and scandal sell on the Internet. But over 100,000 Facebook and Instagram members around the world would beg to differ.