The week that was
August 11, 2015

What a week for our 26 Special Olympians who returned home last Tuesday to a heroes welcome, triumphantly bearing their four gold,

12 silver and six bronze medals won in bocce, athletics, tennis and aquatics at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles!{{more}}

The looks of pride on the faces of our Olympians on arrival at the airport, then again during the celebratory motorcade through Kingstown last Friday, spoke volumes of their joy at their performance and their satisfaction, for at least a short time, of being recognized, valued and loved as worthy members of our society.


It’s hard to think of another Vincentian family whose collective contribution to sports comes close to that of ‘The First Family of Sports’. Whether it be netball, weightlifting, bodybuilding, track and field, table tennis or football, every member of the athletic Ballantyne family of Frenches has at some point or other, over the last two generations, flown the Vincy flag high on a national team. Gloria, Freddie, Jacintha, Orde, Raymond, Bob, Joanne and Junior, take a collective bow for so proudly and successfully representing SVG on and off the field of play.


How insensitive could one get? Poet, dramatist and cultural officer Martin Quashie may have had good intentions when he produced a music/poetry CD to honour the memory of the victims of the Rock Gutter tragedy, but his crude brush-off of the mother of one of the victims who objected to the words of his poem was definitely in poor taste.

No matter what the opinion of the other parents, for Mr Quashie to dismiss Gloridene Hoyte-John as “just one person giving negative vibes” or being “lost completely” or knowing nothing about poetry or artistic licence makes one wonder just who was that CD meant to honour.


That money-sucking airport project, which like Oliver Twist, always seems to want more, takes the runner-up position this week!

Just when we thought that we were on the home stretch with the installation of air bridges, luggage conveyor belts, fencing and all, BAM! Without notice, we hear we have to borrow more money. Yes, we know the project is vital for the development of the country; we know it is almost complete and we know we can’t stop the project now; but could someone please say just how much more money is needed to complete the project and when exactly will it be finished?

If I had a question in SVG Parliament

…I’d ask the opposition parliamentarians now that they have decided to give full support to the international airport project at Argyle, does that mean that the plan to halt the project and bring in consultants to make an assessment if NDP wins governance has been shelved?