Sugar Matters
November 25, 2014
Planning for the holiday season

This week starts the beginning of Thanksgiving holiday week in the United States, a holiday where the focus is on a lot of two things: family time and eating. It reminded me that we are now officially in the start of the holiday season for many countries, religions and cultures around the world.{{more}}

At clinic this past week I asked a patient if she was ready for the Thanksgiving week ahead, and she smiled saying, “Oh, I am just avoiding all of that! Quiet year for me, simple dinner just for my husband and me.” That approach may work well, if indeed you are not going to be around TONS of food; but for those of us who will be at larger family gatherings, parties, church conferences or occasions and celebrations, it is always a good idea to think ahead about how you will be able to control what could turn out to otherwise be repeated TOO-MUCH-EATING.

For everyone trying to keep an eye on their diet, it can be difficult in the midst of celebratory meals. But for those with diabetes, it is even more critical to keep a lid on that pot before it boils over into really high blood sugars for the entire next month into the new year. A few strategies might help you survive this minefield ahead:

1) Eat before you leave the house. YES, eat a small amount of healthy food, so that when you show up to the party or dinner with a table laden down with food, you don’t take your starving self through it like a hurricane and eat everything you see.

2)Think it out before you start taking food and stick to that plan. You know starches are your nemesis, the ones that will send your sugars high. Plan on focusing on the non-starch options, the chicken, the fish, the piece-o-pork, instead of all the black cake on the table.

3)When you get to the table, start piling on the healthier options first. Let salad, greens and healthy protein, like fish, take up so much of your plate that you don’t have much room to put the pone, the sweet potato pudding and the black cake.

4) Drink water!!! A glass of wine or rum punch is no a big deal, but try to keep the alcohol to a minimum. You already know soft drinks are out of the question. Watch it with the egg-nog. Your best bet really is to drink water, and lots of it.

As I tell my patients, I don’t want anyone to feel imprisoned by their diet. Most of us really enjoy food as a major part of our lives, so the trick is finding a way to keep doing that, while not hurting ourselves in the process.

Get ready for celebration season! Until next week, stay safe and healthy Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

Tel: 843-798-4227