Sugar Matters
November 14, 2014
November is Diabetes Month

Here in the USA, November is national Diabetes Month. So, I think this is a good opportunity to share some reminders for those with diabetes and those perhaps at risk, but don’t know it. We ALL need to stay healthy, right?{{more}}

For those of you who do have diabetes, this month is a big reminder month to:

1) make sure you have an appointment set up to see your medical team in future. Don’t stay away too long! Most people are seen about every three months, if not sooner. If your blood sugars are not doing well, you probably need to see your medical team more often

2) Make sure your blood tests are up to date. If you have not had any done this year, get them done! Most people with diabetes need their A1C checked at least every three months, cholesterol checked every six months, and kidney tests monitored at least yearly, depending on their situation.

3)Talk to your medical team about pre-pregnancy planning if you are a woman who wants to get pregnant and you already have diabetes. You want to be sure your sugars are as controlled as possible BEFORE you get pregnant to offer your baby the best chances at being healthy.

4) Take a long hard look at any bad habits that are weighing on your health and reversing any good your medications may be doing for you – stop smoking, stop snacking on sweets, stop finding excuses to avoid exercise.

5) Be your body’s best friend and TAKE YOUR MEDICINE as prescribed!

If you think you MAY be at risk for diabetes, but never were told you had it, here are some suggestions for this month:

1) Get tested! Diabetes is diagnosed by blood tests that are easy to do. You are at risk if you are overweight, over the age of 45, have family who have diabetes, if you had diabetes while pregnant and if you take certain medications.Talk to your medical team about whether or not it is time to get tested for it. Early detection is best.

2) Get an exercise program going! Even if you don’t have diabetes, being physically active on a regular basis will only help you in other ways.

3)Talk to your medical team about your weight. If you are carrying around extra weight, work on getting back to a healthy weight through changing your eating habits and increasing your physical activity.

We will work on reminders all this month! It’s national diabetes month! Stay safe and healthy Vincies!

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