Sugar Matters
August 19, 2014
Will I get diabetes?

There is of course no way of knowing 100 per cent who will and who won’t develop diabetes. Modern science is discovering genetic information that can tell us this, but for now in medical practice we depend on “risk factors” to help alert us to who is more likely to have diabetes pop up in future.{{more}}

Again, there are no guarantees; some of you will have several of these risk factors and not ever develop diabetes, while some of you may have none and still be diagnosed with it. BUT, on the whole, most people who develop diabetes some time have one or more of the following in their lives:

A first-degree family member or multiple family members with Type 2 diabetes.

History of being overweight, or having gained significant amount of weight.

History of diabetes while pregnant, or giving birth to a large baby weighing over nine pounds.

Being of African, Hispanic or East Asian racial background.

Age over 45 years.

History of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

High blood pressure over 140/90.

High cholesterol.

Having Acanthosis nigricans (the darkening in the skin folds I mentioned last week).

Low activity level.

So what do you do if you fit one or more of these categories? You know the answer to this one! Talk to your doctor or nurse about being tested for diabetes. Diabetes is a diagnosis based on numbers, not how you feel, so you MUST be tested for the diagnosis to be made. And again, the earlier you have a diagnosis made and treatment started (be it dietary change or medication), the better for you and your body.

Until next week, stay safe and healthy, Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD [email protected]

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

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