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November 12, 2013
Cut the fat out: the importance of lowering cholesterol

Given that high cholesterol is a cousin of diabetes, and it is so important in regard to cardiovascular disease, I think we need to spend some time talking about it. And yes, in the end, I will repeat this core advice: get your blood sugars controlled, stop eating fatty/oily foods, get active and take your medications – PLEASE!!!{{more}}

Why should you care about managing your cholesterol in regard to cardiovascular disease? Ponder these things:

FACT: people with higher cholesterol levels are more likely to suffer from a heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease than someone with lower cholesterol levels.

FACT: bringing your cholesterol levels lower, by any means, will decrease your chances of heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

FACT: yes, there are certain medications that have been shown through research to have stronger effects than others at both decreasing your cholesterol and overall lowering your chances of stroke, heart attack or peripheral vascular disease.

FACT: cholesterol medications on the whole are very well tolerated and have few side effects in most people. YES, this is TRUE, TRUE. I know you have heard all about muscle and liver problems with cholesterol medications, but for the majority of people this is not an issue. If you need to take medication, please do not refuse it based on something your friend/neighbour/child/ spouse/random stranger told you. Speak to your doctor about concerns for side effects; read and learn about it yourself and make an informed decision. The research is actually on your side regarding being safe on these medications.

FACT: while it is VERY important to change your diet to help lower your cholesterol, there are simply some people who WILL need medication to help. Yes, you can just drink water for the rest of your life and probably succeed in lowering your cholesterol, but most of us would like to also eat something now and then, so this is not an option…

FACT: you can have high cholesterol even though your parents/siblings/children do not. Genes are important, but they are not 100 per cent explanations for everything; so please, do not assume your cholesterol is fine because your sister’s is good.

FACT: having high cholesterol alone is a problem. Adding that issue to diabetes is like lighting a match over some coal. If you add smoking to that mix, you might as well throw kerosene on the whole fire. Get the picture?

Stay safe and healthy Vincies!!!

Anita Ramsetty, MD [email protected]

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

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