Sugar Matters
March 29, 2011
Thank you to our Vincy Family

By the time you read this article, the members of the Patsy Douglas Diabetes Medical Mission will all be back in the United States, where we currently reside. As we get ourselves ready to resume work and life here, our Vincy family remains in the forefront of our minds. And so, for my first article since returning stateside, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to our Vincy family, from the entire team!{{more}}

First and foremost, for all the people who turned out to clinics in Georgetown, Mespo, Layou and Bequia, as well as to our Health Fair at Peace Memorial hall, THANK YOU for so many things: for being enthusiastic about discussing your health with us, for being honest about what you were and were not doing, for asking questions and for enlightening us about challenges you face with addressing diabetes on a daily basis. You were the highlight of this trip, the reason we came in the first place, and the measure by which we decide if this mission is having an impact or not. And from what you told us, we are reaching each other indeed.

For the local medical support system, THANK YOU! From the nursing staff in all the clinics who accommodated us, greeted us on docks, and directed patient flow at clinics as well as the health fair, to the Docs who took time to meet and discuss current concerns; to the local pharmacist who randomly met us on a trip then came to our health fair bringing a formulary book we REALLY needed to see; to the nutritionist whom we also met randomly but then turned up to help with counseling at the health fair; to the local Nutrition team who did so much counseling at the health fair, and our favorite physical therapist(that’s you J______!); and to the members of the Diabetes and Hypertensive groups, the “ground forces” in this fight against diabetic complications, who turned up at clinics as well as at the health fair to help screening and counseling of so many people. Just writing this now, I am again inspired by your dedication to the health of the Vincentian public, as well as your generous spirits, and am honored to have been in your company this week.

For the Ministry of Health, THANK YOU for walking through the planning stages with us for most of this past year, for accommodating barrels of materials, and most importantly, for providing us with transportation, through who must surely be one of the most charming, generous men walking around in St.Vincent right now. Special thanks to you Mr. B____, and hugs from the entire team!

For our family and friends, THANK YOU: for nurturing us(mind, body and spirit) during this busy week, for pitching in at the health fair to make it a success, for donating time/money/materials and for encouraging us throughout this past year when planning sometimes seemed an overwhelming task.

Last but not least: THANK YOU to my family at Searchlight newspaper, who not only covered our mission work at the clinics, but also our health fair. And a very special heartfelt THANK YOU for fearlessly deciding several years ago to give me a voice from so far away, making what I thought was “the least I can do” into a force that has touched many people, made them think, pay attention and reconsider, and actually led to my involvement in this Patsy Douglas Medical Mission. Thanks to my editor and my favorite correspondent (good luck to you H______!).

Until next week, stay safe and healthy Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

Tel: 843-798-4227