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September 14, 2010
Quiz Time! And no cheating!

Since we talked a bit about the foot care and screening protocol last week, AND because I have talked about it several times in the past, it is time to test your recollection.{{more}}

This is of course very important for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that lack of good foot care and screening leads to more complications, including amputations. This is not a small thing! So here goes, let’s see if you have been paying attention:

1)TRUE/FALSE: my feet should get a good look at my doctor’s visit but not really at any other time.

2)TRUE/FALSE: it is okay to wear slippers walking to clinic since I will have my feet looked at then.

3) The best way to have my feet examined in clinic is:

a- when wearing my sneakers

b- when wearing my gunslingers

c- out of whatever shoes I am wearing, and resting on the floor

d- in my socks

4) When I look at my feet I should look at/for

a- cuts and bruises on the skin

b- red/sore spots where my shoe was rubbing

c- dark/discolored areas on the skin or toenails

d- swollen/mis-shapen/deformed areas

e- all of the above

5) Once a diabetic person has an amputation, his/her risk of having another one in future is MUCH higher. TRUE/FALSE







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