Sugar Matters
April 17, 2009
Quick pop quiz

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Come on, it’s been weeks since a test!

Before we move on to finish up our initial series on diabetes-related complications, I want you to think back and be sure some of this sank in to your memory. This test is an easy one, only True/False:{{more}}

1) Diabetes is a known direct cause of heart attacks and strokes. TRUE/FALSE

2) Damage to your kidneys and eyes can start even before your doctor diagnoses diabetes. TRUE/FALSE

3) If you have pre-diabetes there is no point to losing weight or eating healthy foods because you cannot reverse pre-diabetes to normal.


4) Heart attacks in people with diabetes, especially women, can sometimes feel like heartburn or upset stomach.


5) I feel fine, so there really is no point to checking my blood sugars or keeping appointments with my doctor.


6) Blood sugar levels and blood pressure are the two most important aspects of preventing kidney failure. TRUE/FALSE.

7) Infections are just as easy to treat in people with diabetes as those without diabetes.


8)People with well-controlled diabetes have a good chance of never developing any eye, nerve or kidney complications. TRUE/FALSE

9) Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the industrialized world. TRUE/FALSE

10) Several island nations of the Caribbean have some of the highest rates in the world of amputations caused by diabetes. TRUE/FALSE

I hope you got these right. If not, I hope that they made you think.

Until next week. Stay safe and healthy, Vincies!

Answers:1)True 2)True 3)False 4)True 5)False 6)True 7)False 8)True 9)True 10)True

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