Flood Lights at Arnos Vale Sports Complex to be in place by month end
THE HELLAS CONSTRUCTION CREW (in basket) in the process of fitting the second component of flood light tower 3. (Photo by Robertson S HENRY)
May 14, 2024

Flood Lights at Arnos Vale Sports Complex to be in place by month end

INSTALLATION OF floodlights at the Arnos Vale Playing Field is expected to be completed and fully operational by the end of this month. That is the assurance from Adrian Alaniz, the superintendent of the lighting division at Hellas Construction Inc, of Texas, USA, who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

He said the lights will be fully operational “if everything goes good, by the 30th of May”.

When Alaniz spoke with this paper on Sunday, the second poll was being planted. He said on the following day, May 13,2024, preparation would take place to install the remaining poles on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 15 and 16, 2024.

The next step would be placement of the light fixtures on the poles, bringing the total height of each pole to 175 feet. Forty-two light fixtures will be placed on each pole, which will then be wired.

“Once we get all these light fixtures on the cross arms…we’re going to start to go ahead and dropping all the lines down. We got our electrical crew coming in on Wednesday. They’re going to start wiring everything up to the drivers. After the drivers, we’ll go ahead and get power to all these drivers, and then we’ll go ahead and start lighting and testing all the lights.”

The lights will then be turned on and tested, and it should then take two to three days “just to aim the lights… all aiming the whole field”.

This will be done electronically from a central location, but Alaniz clarified that his company will not be responsible for the setting up of the generators; this task will be undertaken by a local company.

Alaniz and his crew have been in St.Vincent and the Grenadines for five days, and he is pleased with the work put in, cognizant of the time frame and the urgency in getting everything up and ready for the handing over of the facility to the ICC.

“I think we’ve done pretty good for five days…I’m proud of my team…my foreman and my crew and my labourers, they’re doing an awesome job”. The Arnos Vale Playing Field is being transformed for the hosting of the ICC Men T/20 tournament in June, 2024.