ICC Director pleased with public response to opening of box office
Patrons queuing to purchase 2024 ICC T20 Men’s Cricket World Cup tickets (photo by Robertson S Henry)
May 7, 2024

ICC Director pleased with public response to opening of box office

The International Cricket Council’s director for ticketing, Neeraj Singh, has expressed satisfaction with the public response to the opening of the box office in capital, Kingstown, given some expressions of concern about ticket availability when persons were unable to do online ticket purchases. Singh was in St Vincent on Thursday May 2, 2024, to supervise the opening of the box office in the Coreas City Store, from which the physical sale of tickets for the 2024 ICC Men’s T/20 Cricket World Cup would be done.

With his primary responsibility being ticketing operations for the June 2 – 29, 2024, event in the USA, and the Caribbean and the other host nations simultaneously opening their box offices on Thursday, may 2, 2024, Singh said “honestly we have a plan for this and we did our planning so we are okay to roll out today. We understand that Caribbean people need physical tickets and need something very convenient for them where they can go to pay cash and get their tickets, so it was planned to open the box office 30 days before the tournament so they would not wait till the last minute for the tickets”.

He said he was glad that they had “successfully opened all the counters in all the countries today.”

Singh said he received photographs of the opening of the various box offices in the other territories and that persons are purchasing tickets without any problems.

He said they also have “seen a very good response” to online sales.

It is the first time that the ICC is doing online ticket sales across all host nations for a major tournament.