Coreas Hazells Inc enters into Strategic partnership with Shafiqua Maloney
Vincentian, Shafiqua Maloney
March 15, 2024
Coreas Hazells Inc enters into Strategic partnership with Shafiqua Maloney

Coreas Hazells Inc has entered into a “strategic partnership” with overseas-based Vincentian athlete, Shafiqua Maloney in which the track star will receive financial support for her preparation to the 2024 Olympics.

The company said in a release that one element of the collaboration is an investment of $54,000 to support the track star’s journey to the 2024 Olympics.

“As leading companies in the private sector, Coreas is committed to fostering talent, promoting athleticism, and contributing to the success of outstanding individuals like Shafiqua Maloney.”

The release listed that the three key highlights of the partnership with Maloney are:

1. Financial support for Olympic aspirations: The $54,000 investment from Coreas will directly contribute to Shafiqua Maloney’s training, travel expenses, and preparations for the 2024 Olympics.

2. Brand Ambassadorship: Shafiqua Maloney will also serve as a brand ambassador for Coreas, aligning her values with the company’s mission and vision. The collaboration will extend beyond financial support to include joint promotional activities.

3. Empowering Local Talent: Coreas has a long standing tradition of empowering local talent and contributing to the development of the community.

“This partnership exemplifies the company’s dedication to nurturing and promoting excellence within the region.

“Shafiqua Maloney, a shining example of dedication and perseverance has not only excelled in her athletic pursuits but has also inspired others to reach for their dreams,” the company noted in its release.

“By investing in talented individuals like Shafiqua, Coreas not only nurtures success but also cultivates a culture of excellence and achievement within the organization.”